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"Customer is a friend, not a king"

Name : Reading Lights
Location : Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Opening Hour:
Tue, Wed & Sun : 12am-8pm
Thu, Fri, & Sat : 10am-9pm
Mon : Closed
We sell various used english books at LOW PRICES. In our shop you can read all the books for FREE while ordering a cup of hot black coffee, or a refreshing hot tea, with snack of your choice.

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Reading Lights was first operated on February 11, 2006. At that Reading Lights (RL) only sells second book in English only. The books are mostly derived from the relationship the owners have some used books that are no longer wanted to be collected and partly derived from the personal collection of the owner who really want to be removed. The collected books totaling approximately 2000 books, the amount of which is ideal to start a used bookstore.

based on some suggestions from customers who want to read the book in place RL provide spurious drinks and snacks can be purchased by the customer. And around the end of 2007 RL form 'Coffee Corner' as a side business.

RL did a lot of managerial and administrative improvements, especially related to financial administration, and began running annual charity activities; annual charity events conducted as a series of anniversary celebrations RL.

Management improvements continued into revamping management in 'Coffee Corner'. Although it is a side business, 'Coffee Corner' has become a brand image that is attached to the RL. Then in mid-2011, RL cooperating with one of the producers of coffee in Bandung.

RL set tagline service 'Customer is a friend, not a king'.

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